A source of our inspiration was GitHub. As experienced programmers we understand the importance of staying motivated and focused in our job. That is why frequently it-specialists find ways to visualize their progress and productivity. Visualization helps to track progress and motivates to achieve better results. From this perspective github’s grid diagram of commits looks like a unique idea, that helps track productiveness efficiently and simply at the same time. We found this type of graph worth implementing in Confluence.


What it does?

The graph shows the number of tasks completed by a team or a member of a particular cell, and the graph consists of a grid of these cells. On the graph we don’t see any numbers, due to the visualization method. All cells will be colored as follows:

  • gray – zero tasks completed;
  • as the number of tasks completed increases, the saturation of blue increases. Therefore, there are three intermediate color gradations;
  • blue – max number of tasks completed.

The tasks located on the board, and the diagram cells are linked according to the user they are assigned to, as well as their status. The application displays the number of completed tasks by calendar day.


By default, the entire team's productivity chart is displayed, but you can also filter by users. Moreover, when you click on the diagram cell, a list of tasks performed by a particular user or team is displayed below the graph. In addition, there are 2 options for choosing dates: creation date or resolution date.


Challenges we ran into

The main challenge for us was to get the best from git and expand its functionality in a way that would increase efficiency, productivity and motivation of teams. With this, we kept the graph simple, but added a new color category as well as the ability to filter by employee.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We are proud to have been able to find a unique visualization that is missing from the Atlassian Marketplace and bring it to life. By creating this product, we hope that it will be useful for teams and that an interesting concept will not go unnoticed.

What’s next

  • Add task lifetime – ability to see the flow of the task: creation -> updates -> resolution
  • Add the ability to select a color for each category
  • Display summary statistics
  • Add threshold values for color gradation
  • Report generation for top management: statistics for all teams from each department are collected and presented in the report
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