Inspiration Whenever I come home from school, I had a habit of watching YouTube for a long time. This greatly affected my productivity and I wanted to change. I started to look for productivity tools online and most of them were not free, and all of them didn't really help me stay off websites that made me procrastinate. Thus, I created this educational hack... Productivity City!

What it does Productivity City is similar to a little game. Basically, it's a game where you grow a city based on your productivity. When first starting, it will ask you for the websites that keep you off task. And, whenever you access these websites you lose and your city doesn't develop. On the other hand, for every minute you are on sites that are productive you will be rewarded with a development in your city. Such as building a new school or upgrading various buildings. Essentially, the users of this hack will be motivated to keep their city growing and growing, so they will stay off websites that will not let them get their work done. All in all, it's a motivational tool that helps users stay on task!

How we built it I built it using In actuality, this was supposed to be an extension or an app that you can have on your browser, but since this is a prototype we made a simulated version of Google on This simulation has the Productivity City mini-game. Moreover, this is just a prototype so there aren't any images but in the future we would like to add images and make it a browser extension or an app.

Challenges we ran into The main challenge I ran into is the time feature. As I'm new to python graphics and many other features in python this project was pretty hard. First of all, making the button work was a little challenging as I couldn't figure it out at first but after trial and error I made the button do what it was supposed to do. In addition, having the time feature was also very difficult because I have never used this feature in python. And, it was also challenging to make keep track of the time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of An accomplishment that I'm very proud of is the time feature as this was very challenging. But, after a bunch of trials I figured out how to keep track of the time and use it in the program.

What we learned I learned a lot of being patient and trial and error. I also learned a lot more about Python as I knew the basics but I didn't know much about the other features such as Time.

What's next for Productivity City I want to make it have more levels and I want it to be more user interactive. In addition, I would like to add images too. Lastly, I would like to make it an app or a extension in the near future. And, I would like to make it so that it shows your progress when you are staying productive too!

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