Due to the recent out break everyone is doing work from home. But Maintaining balance between both your work and home is sometimes challenging. So to keep track of your tasks and also secure your app Productivity Byte is created.

What it does

It takes tasks from users and sorts them in the order of priority , Deadline and Type. And User login is powered by Typing DNA API , which identifies users typing pattern and stores it. So, only you can edit or delete your tasks.

How we built it

Tech stack used: Frontend: React,Material UI,HTML,CSS.

API: Typing DNA,Axios.

Backend: Express

Data Base: Mongodb

Challenges we ran into

Incorporating Typing DNA api for user login as it is first time for me using this API. Also I never used mongo db and express before. So this is some what challenging but I took help of Internet and did it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The overall project.

What we learned

Learned about backend in Node, Data Base CRUD operations and Typing DNA Api and it's wesome features.

What's next for Productivity Byte

To include functionalities like finding users mood by using his/her typing pattern using typing dna's Beta program. And also to use ML model to detect their progress points for each week.

Built With

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