For this project, we reflected on the greatest challenges we faced throughout 2020, with many taking a toll on our individual and collective wellbeing. This propelled us into creating an app for people, especially college students, to maximize their time. Since we have only a finite amount of time in our lives, why not try to put that time to the best possible use?

What it does

ProductiveMe, minimalist by design, engages with and encourages the user to synchronize their calendar with the app, generating a personalized schedule. The goal of the individual schedules is to help users manage their time better and have study breaks to maxmize productivity. Moreover, this application aims to promote collective wellness by offering different features such as catered exercises including meditation.

How we built it

Our team utilized Figma to plan the simplistic, but engaging portion of our app which we then explored React and various JavaScript libraries to develop the visually appealing front-end portion of the application, and concerning the back-end, we used a mixture of GraphQL and Java.

Challenges we ran into

With a group of newer Hackers to the scene, we lacked certain technical wisdom and expertise. This postponed the beginning cycles and phase of our improvement particularly during the underlying time period in the early evening, where we ran into a few issues with the team setup.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Each and every colleague forward our most prominent endeavors for numerous hours on end. What we are generally pleased with is the huge learning, experiences, information, and mentorship that we acquired from this aggregate exertion and hardwork. We are sure that we have improved, and fortified our abilities in project development.

What we learned

We found out about Figma, React and GraphQL execution, including their different functionalities and how to utilize them. All the more critically, we found out about the significance of perceiving each other's qualities and shortcomings. We understood that we would work best as a group, where we can make the most out of what every individual brings to the table.

What's next for ProductiveMe

Next, we are intending to completely execute the back-finish to the front-end and integrating calendar APIs.

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