Our team decided to make a To Do app that rewards user on each completed task to increase productivity while staying home.

What it does

Users can add tasks, and deadlines and will be entertained after every completed task with a joke or a sound.

How We built it

We used React.js and Firebase for a serverless webapp with Firestore as the storage/database.

Challenges We ran into

We are all new to React and Firebase so at first, it was challenging to develop the application. However, we all spent several hours going through various tutorials, and as a result, were able to implement React into our to-do-list project.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We managed to get through all the challenges and created our first CRUD React app on firebase.

What We learned

We learned to use React and Firebase through this project.

What's next for Productive At Home

Our next steps are to make the app more user-friendly and with several new features.

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