The majority of our team is in engineering and thus have been assigned groups to work on various projects given throughout our required engineering courses. A web based app like Productiv+ would make our collaboration much easier and more efficient, and could be applied to any sort of group work in the future.

What it does

Productiv+ is a collaboration tool used to moniter team progress on a project through organizing a list of tasks and substasks and the number of hours each member has contributed to the project. It also shows who has contributed the most for a given project and allows for coordination of task completion through a chat feature within the site. Another main functionality is the ability to see other active members of your team as a method to boost productivity.

How we built it

After brainstorming and planning, each member of the team did their own research on a predetermined aspect of the site. Once we had enough information we began implementing those aspects using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL. Our team also used GitHub to share and compile our our individual codes together as a team and smoothed out any discrepencies to create a finished product.

Challenges we ran into

Besides basic HTML understanding, our team did not have any experience with web development and we ended up being a bit overambitious for an all freshman team, designing a rather robust website. However, using our existing skills, along with knowledge aquired during the course of the hackathon, to put together a working site for demo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Implementation of a self-updating stopwatch on a web page
  • Google oauth2 (login system)
  • Putting together a website that has a meaningful application to life and work
  • Aesthetics and design of web pages-especially the index page
  • The rather speedy progress at which we were able to develop our project from conceptualization to implementation. ## What we learned We learned how to create a functioning website (so now we can all make some for ourselves), bootstrap, SQL for website back end, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the usefulness of GitHub ## What's next for Productiv+ Successful implementation of backend using SQL, securing a new domain name, refine chat features, integrating various other APIs such as ReactJS to debug our code, and SparkPosts to manage the automatic weekly or daily email report.
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