Inspiration: With the pandemic and remote work, being productive can be challenging. We found that personally, we are the most productive when we plan out what we want to do before the day starts. In addition to that, we love pretty things and looking at them makes us feel inspiring and calming. After some research, we found out that it is indeed true that people can be more productive if they have a to-do list. Adding a timer for each task is even more helpful! (the so-call Pomodoro technique).

Hence, we present to you the solution we came up with: Productine (Productive + Quarantine)

What it does

More than just a To-do list app, the user will have a nice lofi music in the background while they work. They can set timer for each task, and once the timer runs out, they will be reminded to take a break. When they have completed their task, they will also get a message to take care of themselves during these hard times and to reward themselves for their achievement. Plus, they will get a cute cat picture to make their day!

In addition, Productine has a 'Standup' feature. Just like the usual Standup in tech when developers would share what they've done to their teammates, the users will have the ability to share what they've done the day before to other users. Research has shown that these 'standup' can motivate people to work, something we all need while working from home.

How we built it

We used Figma to design our pages and built the website using Reactjs.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was time. We were researching, learning and building up the website as we go. For some of us, this was our first time using Figma and Reactjs. There were lots of learning but it was nice having our teammates and mentors helped us out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The biggest achievement for us is the team work. We are in different time zones with one team member being 12 hours ahead, yet we were able to communicate effectively with one another and build up the website. In addition to that, it was a learning experience for the whole team.

What we learned

Coding is fun! Figma is awesome, and React is powerful!

What's next for Productine

Implement more features on the website since we did not finish them due to time constraint. For instance, the actual timer, and the standup page.

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