Inspiration: As high school students, we sometimes struggle staying organized with many different tasks, and staying focused while studying. The Pomodoro method often helps us study and stay on track, while providing healthy breaks in between. So, we created an all in one productivity tool to help us organize ourselves while staying on track.

What it does: This productivity tool allows you to manage your tasks in a neat list, and delete them as you finished, and sends you notifications to motivate you, as well as manage your time through the pomodoro timer.

How we built it: To build this, we used python along with tkinter and the request library to carry out SEND and QUOTE API calls.

Challenges we ran into: Along the way, it was difficult to manage the skip section of the timer, because it would often cause the timer to stop working altogether. Furthermore, we also learned how to customize tkinter and modify it to our needs

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We are proud of doing the front and back end in just python, which allowed us to get more comfortable with it.

What we learned: We learned how to use the Courier Send API to send notifications to users, as well as how to use APIS across the Web in general to do different tasks(e.g. quoteapi)

What's next for Productify: Next, we can add push notifications and reminders to complete tasks that are in the list, and congratulate the user when they do so.

This can be improved in the future by doing the things above ^^

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