People spend too much time in social networks. And the problem is that they don't even understand it. This simple Chrome extension was built to allow you to see where you spend your time on the web. It gives you a productivity score based on the amount of time you spent on productive and unproductive websites. It also shows top 6 categories of websites you spend your time on. All stats can be shown for the last day, week, month, or for the whole time you use this extension. Ok, so now you realized that you're spending 60% of your time on social networks, but how to stop doing it? You can turn on "focus" mode in Productify and it will block all distracting websites for you. In the result, this simple extension solves a big problem that many people have.

Originally I also planned to set goals (say, spend less than 2 hours on social networks per day), show advanced statistics etc. But then I realized that it will make this extension too complicated and only "hackers" will use it. That's why I decided to leave only main functionality and ignore the rest. I also spent a good amount of time working on design to create a clean interface which people will want to see on everyday basis.

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