Everybody remembers the first $1 they earn. We want to help people get this $1.

Target users

Any great creators. Especially, the Makers on Product Hunt.


To help creators go from zero to $ one, Onarbor is developing a new kind of search engine optimized to help generous people find the stuff they care about enough to give $1 .

The reason we built Product Fundt, is that Product Hunt, like Onarbor, wants to help people discover the new, best things on the internet. We wanted to take upvoting on PH a very real step further by allowing Hunters to give $1 for the Products they love. In practice, we forked Product Hunt such that we could surface its best stuff on Onarbor and integrated that with easy ways to fund.

Simply click on the rocket next any of the Products that you like and you will provide huge rocket fuel for blast off! To the Moon!

Fund Rocket

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