The rapid growth and influence of data analytics are no less pronounced in industries where the output is creative and transformative. Integrating multiple communities into a user-friendly platform to attain spontaneous results with minimum time dissipation.

About the Project

Analyzing product reviews when there are a lot is painful. Electricity, as we know, transformed a lot of industries in the past 100 years and now we are dependent on it. In the same way, we wanted to use AI to make this particular task just a matter of few seconds

Workflow of the application



The app can be used to analyze apps from the Atlassian Marketplace, App Store, Play Store.

Atlassian marketplace

For analyzing an app on the Atlassian marketplace, enter your app package something like down below.


Google Play Store

For analyzing your google app enter a link that follows this type. Here id is the id of your app as on the Play Store.

Apple's App Store

Something like this is what would work for App Store


Some of the services that we provide

  • Behavioral traits, emotional traits, using NLP

  • See the trends for your ratings

  • Get your top keywords or IPTC Analysis from your reviews

  • Segregate positive and negative reviews using Sentiment Analysis

  • Interacting with the plots and saving them to the device

What we learned

  • To integrate external APIs to the forge application.
  • To integrate Custom UI with Forge application.

What's next for Product Score

  • Improvising our analysis
  • Comparison of two products at a time with respect to the user's need.
  • Improving the Importance of the reviews using Deep Learning and wiping out the useless reviews.
  • We planned to develop a mobile application that would give a user-friendly experience.
  • We planned to implement the QR Scanning feature to fetch the link of the application to analyze the review.
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