What if we have a single source of great product ideas for next big opportunity for the product/company? Anyone in the organization can contribute to the next big opportunity.

What it does

  • Able to add a new idea
  • List ideas based on the priority
  • View idea details and who created it
  • View all the ideas

How I built it

Understood the pain points and goals of the persona (Product manager). Product Manager persona

Using Forge macro

Airtable for storing the ideas data.

Forge UI components used

  • Table, Row, Cell, Head
  • Image
  • Avatar
  • ButtonSet
  • Button
  • Text
  • ModalDialog
  • Fragment


Challenges I ran into

  1. Sometimes Forge app shows only Error - error rendering app, without further information about what's wrong with the current app. It actually took a lot of my time debugging this issue and try trial and error to get back to the working version of the app.
  2. Layout, Forge offers a very limited setup of UI components, it was challenging to come with layout fit with sufficient white spaces.
  3. Challenges with using icons in the Forge UI buttons

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Able to provide product ideas by priority and help the team to focus on top priority feature quickly.
  2. Ability to bring original contributor to the discussion, sometimes, ideas travel from one person to another person till it reaches implementation, we can invite the person to the discussion and understand the problem better.
  3. Single source truth product ideas and all the employees can contribute to the success of the company.

What I learned

  1. Forge has a hidden blue background button when the form is used in the model dialog.
  2. You can use Forge UI Select and option components to create Rating UI. jsx <Select label={label} name={name} description={description}> <Option defaultSelected label="1" value={1} /> <Option label="2" value={2} /> <Option label="3" value={3} /> <Option label="4" value={4} /> <Option label="5" value={5} /> <Option label="6" value={6} /> <Option label="7" value={7} /> <Option label="8" value={8} /> <Option label="9" value={9} /> <Option label="10" value={10} /> </Select>
  3. Vertical spacing, it’s possible to have vertical spacing using the empty string Forge UI Text component. jsx {/* For spacing starts here */} <Text>{' '}</Text> <Text>{' '}</Text> {/* For spacing ends */}

What's next for Product Ideas Forge Macro app

  1. Add create Jira ticket from the idea details, so you can create the idea quickly.
  2. The set expiration date for each idea and force team to work on or discord and trigger message when the expiration date is near.
  3. Integrate with Google form, Typeform, Slack, WhatsApp

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