We were inspired to create a platform to allow users to submit feature requests directly to their makers. We give the ability for makers to assign a cost estimate and a realistic deadline for funding to reach a goal. Users can then pledge money to get the feature developed.

Target Users

Product makers and the customers that use their products.


  • Real time live updates of data across the entire site using firebase to keep users engaged.
  • End to end integration with Stripe to allow pledges to be charged securely and efficiently.
  • Integration with product hunt authentication for single sign on.

Demo Usage Notes

Super user login to allow you to assign funds and target dates to features (as if you were a maker).

In order to assign funds to a feature request you can use the following twitter account to login: Username: pfdemo Password: producthunt

In order to make a dummy pledge click the pledge button and enter the following details: Email: Any email Card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
Expiry: Any date in the future CVC: Any number

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