At Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, prior to the introduction of this PCR (Product Commitment Request) Portal, a lengthy process was being followed to escalate product feature / enhancement requests. The PCR Portal which is actually a heavily customized JIRA Service Desk has helped us streamline the entire process and provides the ability to check status and progress reports in a few clicks.

What it does

The PCR Portal has two sections - a creator portal for use of business unit services personnel and the agent portal for product center personnel internal use. The creator portal offers functionalities to file, view and update PCRs. A filed PCR is assessed for product roadmap fit, economic viability, etc., and then processed through the agent portal at various levels by people in different roles. The timelines are taken care of by SLAs. Filing PCRs can be an iterative process when rejections / re-submissions are involved.

How we built it

We built things on top of JIRA Service Desk by utilizing add-ons which helped us add features like group sign-off (multiple approvals), JJupin for running SIL scripts and ScriptRunner for custom scripts.

Challenges we ran into

Since the standard service desk workflow didn't suit our requirements, we had to conceptualize and build a new workflow altogether. Further, implementing dynamic SLAs to include the right number of hours proved challenging. Based on the selected product, our system assigns the PCR to the appropriate coordinator and roles as the PCR goes through the workflow.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The PCR Portal has helped us save several hours of time which was otherwise being spent on tracking statuses in various spreadsheets and uploading information into SharePoint portals.

What we learned

We learnt advanced functionalities like post-functions, validators, scripting, workflow modifications etc.

What's next for Product Commitment Request

We plan to extend this PCR System to other divisions of Hexagon like Information Technology, Human Resources etc.

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