We thought that it would be convenient to see the foods in season as well as where to get them all in one place.

What it does

Our website will show the user all the available produce and and related food in their region. It also shows the nearby farmers markets that should have these foods. In addition, when the food is clicked, it will redirect to a page with information about it.

How I built it

We built the website by using Flask as the back end to communicate with the USDA database. On the front end, we used HTML and Bootstrap.

Challenges I ran into

We had some trouble with Flask routing to the correct path when we had multiple pages that were very similar.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We all improved all skills using Flask and general web development. We also successfully navigated the USDA database successfully.

What I learned

We each learned new skills in web development

What's next for Produce Pal

If in the future, we want to add more features such as selecting a different region and picking a different time of year to see which food is in season nearby.

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