Productivity Applications are constantly being used to increase our grow society's workforce. Society is only more and more stress, pushing themselves to their limits without scheduling their own time to relax or do activities.

What it does

ProducActivity starts off as an innocent-looking productivity application but this time with a twist for the better. Typically when you enter black-listed sites, the generic productivity applications do not allow you to visit these sites to "increase productivity" AKA INCREASE STRESS LEVELS. What ProducActivity does is that it will at random intervals tap into your deepest desired site that your boss says "Waste time on" and open it into a new tab for you to enjoy, EFFECTIVELY lowering stress levels. Preventing your blood vessels from bursting from STRESS OVERLOAD.

How I built it

Created through python after enjoying "Activities", lowering my stress levels into a Zen state allowing me to excel in other worldly programming.

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

To take it easy and relax

What's next for ProducActivity

Implementing Gui, aswell as web app

Built With

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