Many productivity apps have a one-size-fits-all feel to them, and we thought that the best way to become both more productive and happier was to know oneself first.

What it does

PingProductivity pings you at intervals during the day to ask you whether you are on task, how well studying or working went, and will even leave you alone when you so instruct.

How I built it

We built it using the Android Studio, and we are implementing

Challenges I ran into

The app does not work as advertised quite yet, as the was rather difficult to figure out with the Android Studio, and then Android Studio was rather difficult to learn.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Before HackTX, only one of the five of us had any previous experience with Android Development. We learned the rest on our own. I also am proud of being able to implement the reader, even though one of the methods just so happens to be breaking at the moment.

What I learned

Android development can be tricky, especially if you're trying to integrate an API.

What's next for ProdPing

We would finish the app so that it does actually read in the events correctly, and then utilize so that people can see a graphic for how they use their time.

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