Let's say you want your kids to learn new skills, give them an arithmetic quiz, want them to improve their general knowledge skills or learn a new language. That is where Prodigy Coach becomes the most powerful tool in your arsenal. It will help the students to test and improve their language, arithmetic and general knowledge skills.

What it does

This skill supports the following: 1) Definitions Make queries like:

  • Define Osmosis
  • Define Minimum Viable Product
  • Define Photosynthesis
  • Define Constellation

2) Math drills Make queries like:

  • Test my addition
  • Test my fractions
  • Test my powers
  • Test my multiplication

REPLY BY SAYING: The answer is {number}

3) Translations The following languages are available for translation: "Afrikaans", "Albanian", "Arabic", "Azerbaijani", "Basque", "Bengali", "Belarusian", "Bulgarian", "Catalan", "Chinese Simplified", "Chinese Traditional", "Croatian", "Czech", "Danish", "Dutch", "English", "Esperanto", "Estonian", "Filipino", "Finnish", "French", "Galician", "Georgian", "German", "Greek", "Gujarati", "Haitian Creole", "Hebrew", "Hindi", "Hungarian", "Icelandic", "Indonesian", "Irish", "Italian", "Japanese", "Kannada", "Korean", "Latin", "Latvian", "Lithuanian", "Macedonian", "Malay", "Maltese", "Norwegian", "Persian", "Polish", "Portuguese", "Romanian", "Russian", "Serbian", "Slovak", "Slovenian", "Spanish", "Swahili", "Swedish", "Tamil", "Telugu", "Thai", "Turkish", "Ukrainian", "Urdu", "Vietnamese", "Welsh", "Yiddish"

4) Knowledge-Based Questions: Make queries like:

  • Who is the president of United States of America
  • Who is the prime minister of India
  • How tall is Mount Everest
  • What is the age of prime minister of country of birth of Justin Bieber?

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Conversation state is retained. When you make a query Translate {string} into {language}, you can make a follow-up query like how about {different-language}, and it retains the context of your previous query

Accomplishments that we're proud of :

-We managed to get an end to end software product functionality along with integrating our solution to Alexa and have a working prototype that is already used by the users since launch and they are loving it.

-We also finished integrating our basic webpage and explored AWS lambda and AWS Gateway API to expose rest endpoints.

-We also learned how to use serverless for the purpose of pushing code to aws cloud.

What we learned

-When we deployed our app and launched prodigy coach, we noticed that it would start the quiz but had issues while quitting it. There was some issue with the javascript promises. It took us a while to fix the code but was a great leaning for us.

-We learnt how to integrate multiple components and run a project with end to end functionality.

-We learnt how to divide a big project into small achievable milestones and delegating equal amount of work to reduce duplication or blockers for any person in the team.

-We also learnt how to find "hacks" and workarounds for problems that give us solutions as quickly as possible - we got better at optimizing our work besides our algorithms.

What's next for Prodigy Coach

Adding more intelligence to our unique scenarios like teaching different languages to students.They can learn different languages at ease. Also, we would like to it to ask flash card questions for students who are preparing for GMAT and GRE.

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