Prodessy was created to help make small teams and startups build great products. When most developers are faced with developing a new product, especially in startups and small teams, it can be overwhelming to balance technology decisions with unknown user, business and investor needs. There are a number of project management tools such as Trello and PivotalTracker that help developers manage tasks, but product teams currently lack the ability to manage and track progress of a product across all critical dimensions, including: customer feedback, competing marketplace products, and unit economics. To combat this problem, Prodessy gives a holistic view of a product to enables its users to design products that are not only technologically innovative but have product-market fit and a viable revenue model. This shared viewpoint decreases the time to make critical product decisions, creates a single point of reference for information desired by potential investors, and increases the likelihood of launching a successful product.

What it does

Prodessy provides a single point of reference for you and your teammates to grow your big idea from whiteboard to implementation. Team members update information on product features, customer interviews, technology decisions, unit economics, target market segments, and much more during their product journey. The Reflections page allows team members to upload personal reflection videos and share what they have learned and what they will do next. Advisors and potential investors with access to a product page can provide feedback on every component, allowing teams to incorporate valuable external feedback into their product decisions prior to launch or a fundraising round.

How we built it

Shima did the front-end view layer (React, Bootstrap), and Dylan did the back-end (Meteor, NodeJS, GraphQL, MongoDB) layer. We eventually met in the middle!

Challenges we ran into

Getting familiar with React and GraphQL, setting up Facebook Login. It was also difficult to connect the various pieces together: GraphQL, Apollo, uploading to S3 from the client browser.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first foray into Facebook Login, React, and GraphQL. We can say that we've grown a lot with these two powerful technologies in a short amount of time. We're excited to continue to learn and use these both.

What we learned

How to use Facebook Login, React and GraphQL! GraphQL schema. How to create a secure, signed URL for direct upload to a browser. How to watch and record video from the browser.

What's next for Prodessy

We will be using Prodessy to teach an entrepreneurship in technology class at the University of Chicago in January. We look forward to using it with students and supporting their new ideas.

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