Inspiration With the recent COVID 19 pandemic, everyone is finding themselves becoming less and less productive. There is a slowdown in productivity and billions of dollars equating to the working hours have been lost. As most of the work has shifted to remote, individuals are struggling to keep themselves focused and accountable for their daily tasks. Our team of 4 has experienced this ourselves. The limited social interaction along with difficultly in keeping focus has led to increased unproductivity. Through the development of our website (Prodboost. tech), we are aiming to solve this challenge.

What it does? Our website allows for the user to be able to generate a to-do list. They have the option of adding items to the list and removing them once they are finished. In addition, once the items have been added to the list, they can also be added to their calendar of choice. The website also allows for the user to have additional customizable functions that can be accessed by clicking on the three-bar icon. Customizable features include 1.Access to reward program 2.Access to exercise videos 3.Access to meditation music 4.Access to the timer to keep track of planned breaks

How we built it? We have built our website using Farm Stack. The backend of the website is supported by FASTapi while the frontend of the program is supported by React. The data storage is supported by MongoDB. We have placed special emphasis on the color scheme of our product. It is widely known that blue color has a high therapeutic value. It is a soothing color, aid with concentration, boost calmness and is associated with intellect. We have chosen the blue family color palette due to this reason. With the current pandemic, the mental and physical health of our customers takes preface for us and we want to reflect that in our product.

Challenges we ran into? Our biggest challenge as a team was working virtually. Our project requires active communication between the backend and frontend individuals. There was communication lag as we were not physically present next to each other. When a decision had to be made, it took a while to get everyone to come together. We had to rely on Google Cluster and Discord heavily to make communication between our group possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of? We are very proud of our product because it fulfills the various requirements that we had set as a group. We want our website to be accessible, low to no cost for our customers, accountable for ensuring our customer productivity. For instance, our website is an easy-to-access tool that is customizable to the user's needs while ensuring a high level of security. With the current pandemic, every individual has experienced a shift in their productivity. We have experienced it ourselves and are proud that our product will be serving others during the current time.

What we learned? This project was a learning experience for each of our members. While the skill set varied amongst us as a group, we each learned about website development (backend, frontend), Logo Designing, communication, and product planning. While one of our members had previously coded only in HTML, they learned about React through this competition and have come to appreciate the experience. Also, this opportunity allowed for skill exchange and learning from each other which each member is grateful of. Not only did we learn to develop a product from start to finish, we learned about the nuances that go into play when developing a product. In addition, we have two members on our team for whom this will be their first hackathon. They brought a fresh perspective to our conversations through the uniqueness of their ideas and their approach to solving the problem.

What's next for ProdBoost First, we would like to ensure that our customer has the highest level of security and feels protected from cybersecurity crimes. Also, we would like to continue to develop the customizable features that our product provides. For instance, we would like individuals to be able to link their youtube and Spotify account from within the website so they can enjoy those services without having to close the browser. Also, we want to allow the customer to be able to communicate with each other from within the website so that they can develop a community of their own. For instance, we would want to encourage social interaction (virtually for now) for our customers so that they can develop a friend group while being safe indoors.

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