Realized that we do a lot of procrastinating and not a lot of work and wanted to find a different way of solving it

What it does

Pulls your chrome history and analyzes your most browsed websites and gives charts and graphs on it. Sets manageable goals for less use of the websites that are unproductive and has a progress bar on each website the user is supposed to avoid. Compares you to your friends via a leaderboard.

How I built it

Chrome extension that is rendered from a React web app. Drew it out on paper and then wrote custom CSS based on dribble inspired designs

Challenges I ran into

Couldn't find the right boilerplate to start with and couldn't get it working well with chrome extension API. Redux is still hard for us to understand and react was challenging, especially getting charts into the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Actually building something out because we all wanted to give up multiple times

What I learned

Chrome Extension's documentation and community answers weren't too helpful. Redux is hard. It's hard to assemble a team that all wants to learn the same things. Many of us wanted to do mobile but ended up compensating our desires for the team. It ended up being more stressful and less motivating. Team building is especially important at a hackathon like this.

What's next for Procrastinot

Might see if one of us can take it further and actually get it working well with chrome browser and the extension API.

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