Our website was born out of our experiences with procrastination. While poor time management does contribute to procrastination, many people don't realize that negative emotions also play a very large role. We wanted to create something that would help people tackle both aspects.

What it does

There are currently 3 parts of Procrastinator's Corner:

  • To-do Lists: Making a list is a great way to keep track things to work on and prioritize tasks.
  • Timers: Using a stopwatch helps people keep track of how much time they are spending on things.
  • Tips and Tricks: Our randomly generated tips and avatars provide advice and motivation for battling procrastination.

How we built it

Our website was built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and JQuery, and is currently hosted on Replit.

Challenges we ran into

  • We planned to use cookies to store to-do list data across browsing sessions, but were unable to work out its implementation in time as none of us had worked with cookies before.
  • Since Replit no longer provides detailed information for diagnosing errors, we had to use another IDE for doing so. We had some difficulty transferring code from JSFiddle to Replit, but did eventually overcome this obstacle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our teamwork and how much we accomplished within this short amount of time. We have a finished, usable product, with a beautiful look and design.

What we learned

Through this project, we learned a lot of web development. We each strengthened our skills in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and gained experience in the design and building process.

What's next for Procrastinator's Corner

In the future, we envision adding awards for users, a treat for their hard work, and better compatibility with the famous Pomodoro technique.

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