SO often, the night before a test you're looking at your notes or the list of things you're supposed to know, and you think to yourself, "What is (insert thing you know nothing about and wish you could go back in time to when the teacher explained it)?????"

What it does

You enter the search term, it spits back timestamped links to the youtube video when the teacher explained the topic.

Either the student or the teacher can record videos of the lectures and upload them to youtube. Google's speech to text technology has improved exponentially over the last 2 years, so autogenerated subtitles are nearly perfect. That is all that needs to be provided for the app to work.

How we built it

Using Dash and Python.

Challenges we ran into

I personally have never used Python or Dash before, so I was completely on my own figuring out how everything worked. It was very difficult to pull off.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I was still able to complete the project despite not knowing any of the language or technology involved, and I can now say I have some experience in Python and Dash! I feel proud that I managed to fix so many little bugs and errors to make it work properly.

What's next for Procrastinate Smart

Ship it out to the world so that students can study better, and teachers' lectures are much more useful! No need for the teacher to explain the same thing a thousand times, and students can easily look back to the teacher's explanation of any topic.

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