## Inspiration Our team were inspired by the countless cases of procrastination and laziness among ourselves and our friends and family. We thought of an app that people would like to use that would encourage them to put down their main form of distraction- their devices- and work for a short burst. ## What it does ProCrast help students and adults spend less time on their mobile devices and devote more time towards studying, working, or just reading. By combining a fun collection-based reward system and an earning system based on how long the user can put away their device and eliminate distractions, ProCrast helps people end their mobile addiction. ## How we built it We built this application on Android Studio. We used intents to create multiple activities, which allowed us to run multiple pages in the app. These pages included a home screen that showed your collection, a shop to purchase more things, and a help page for beginners. ## Challenges we ran into Some challenges we faced were tracking when the user had the screen of their phone off. We had to implement a Service to ensure that the application would run in the background and keep tracking the status of the screen. We also had difficulty making sure the databases worked. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of Our team is proud to have created a database that can store and edit user information and statistics. ## What we learned We learned how to check if the screen of the user's device was on or off so we could award points based on how long the screen was off and stop awarding points when the user turned on his or her device again. ## What's next for ProCrast In the future, we want to implement a timer where the user can start a set amount of work time to earn in-game currency, meeting any individual's needs or goals on a certain day. We also plan to introduce achievements and sharing scores.

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