We were inspired by the current global warming crisis and the importance of a sustainable community, but we realized most adults do not implement environmentally-conscious practices despite realizing the issue due to their lack of care or poor habits. Thus, we wanted to utilize a text-adventure game to encourage young children to develop eco-friendly habits, guaranteeing the creation of a better, sustainable society in the future.

What it does

ProConscience is a text-based adventure game that follows the daily activities of young children. As the player goes about their day they come across decisions that they may not realize they take for granted such as deciding whether to leave the water running when brushing their teeth or taking the extra step to pick up litter. Throughout the game the player learns about the consequences their actions have on the environment and themselves. As the game progresses, the player accumulates conscious points indicating their current consciousness of their everyday tasks.

How we built it

We utilized Twine,HTML, and CSS to create the text-based adventure game.

Challenges we ran into

Originally, we were unsure of how to properly use Twine along with how to connect the engine to a text editor to allow for increased productivity and more efficient collaboration. Additionally, understanding how to launch the stylized HTML page was an issue since we were unsure of how to correlate the CSS page with the live site.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the overall creation of the game and how we were able to utilize creative and enjoyable concepts to design the website.

What we learned

We learned the existence of Twine along with how to customize our program through our unique content and by implementing text animations, images, and other style elements.

What's next for ProConscience

We plan on adding illustrative assets to create a more immersive experience for the player as well as a more intricate storyline and scenarios the player can go through.

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