the template of the website put webpage in to 'proclass/templates' folder

We developed a website called "ProClass." It helps the university students have access to more useful information about the professors and courses they intend to choose.

Motivation / Problems: 1. Had enough of the uselessness and misguiding of "Ra** M* Pro****or " and tons of advertisements 2. Cannot get in touch with the students who had/have the same class 3. Be afraid of falling class due to "unknowns" 4. Have tons of questions about the professors or courses you are going to enroll

Our features: P.R.O.

1. Point (Earn “points” as a motivation for students to participant in this
website) E.g. Cost: Asking questions in the forum Earn: Uploading useful information such as "syllabus,", adding comments to a complete class, and
answering questions which are given by the other users
2. Posting (Posting useful information and Syllabus ) 3. Peer (Providing a platform for students to communicate with not only with the entire university but also with the
students who have the same major or interests.) 1. Rating (giving a fear rating for your professor) 2. Referring (Recommending your favorite courses or professors via Forum ) 3. Revising (Uploading the latest version of the course syllabus via rate page 1. Object (Assigning each professor or course as an object) 2. Oriented (Giving students a clearer and advised suggestion for choosing a course) 3. Organized (A functional and well-organized website )

ProClass not only provides the students can receive the latest version of the professor and courses but also let students can build a networking net based on this website. They can communicate with the students who had already taken this course before or had an interaction with the professor before. The latest information about

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