Why blockchain voting?


Votes rigging has been a serios issue not only in many countries but some organisations. For instance, The latest controversial election was Indonesia. thousands of protestors march onto the streets, claiming the votes were rigged by the ruling party and rejected the official results. Every organisation has their Annual General Meeting (AGM) that need shareholders and committe members to vote on appointment of selected higher management level personnel and consesus on chosing which projects to work on. Therefore, a more robust voting system is essential.

What it does

Paper counts or manual voting session by human are time-consuming, subject to errors and biases. Blockchain voting will ensure one man one vote, ensuring voters privacy, providing full accountability and auditability.

How I built it

Due to time and resources constraint, we can only use Figma to create the UI as protocols..

Challenges I ran into

Both of us are not into coding related to Blackchain. We need to spend quite some time to do information searhing, trial and error to test certain application platform.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Manage to come to consesus on what to priotise and prepare slides and UI mock up in less than 10 hours.

What I learned

Ideas are not complete without execution, trial and error testing.
Patience, understanding and team work are very important criteria in completing this project.

What's next for Prochain

Aiming to improvise by adding more features on phrase 2 with appropriate and sufficient resources. Eventually monetise and able to reach out to more industries and business in voting.

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