For my previous job, it took 4 months for my work permit to be granted ( I had no need for relocation as I already was living in Ireland) whereas it was expected to take 2 months. Later on, I discovered this happened due to laziness and disorganization of some of the stakeholders, lack of communication between HR ~ Law departments and intermediary company (their job was handling paperwork with the government), but most importantly, me, as the customer of the whole process, being left in the dark. I could not get proper answers to my questions about the state of the process, nor in some cases I did not have enough knowledge to ask the right questions. Clearly, it was lack of transparency. When I tried to generalize this problem, I discovered that, it is widespread in many occasions in different industries; say, during sales, purchasing, manufacturing, law...

For this reason I picked this idea to work on. I tested my idea talking to people from different industries and during Startup School. I received positive feedback, especially from people from countries where transparency is perceived important while dealing with companies and governments.

So why not create a tool for not just designing your company processes, but also their communication to the customers and stakeholders? Why not put customers first, hence, think about your processes in a way that they need to be communicated to the customer? And it should be at the core of your design, and maybe you should get rid of any process which you do not need to get your customer informed about? Wouldn't it be leaner?

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