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"The measure of man is what he does with power" -Plato

Our power comes from the tools we use and Quick Base, Pipelines, Alteryx, JavaScript and HTML come together to help solve a complex problem with great ease.


Rohit B and Adrian Pestana together have made 2 submissions in the Hackathon. These are significantly different apps and processes with the exception of sharing an Employee Control Table and Acknowledgement Process between them. Both the features above are housed and part of the Support Hub and the Parts Process Manager uses these as dependencies.


  • Process Inventory Management
  • Process and Step Documentation
  • Workflow Approval Process
  • Inventory Management

What it does

Organizations have always had a need to document their process and capture who took action in which part of their process - The Parts Process Manager does just that! A Process once defined in the Process Inventory is capable of invoking the process as many times as needed. Adding a new process to the application is also very easy

The Parts Process Manager houses the following tables and functions:

  • Process Inventory - Used to define Processes and the Steps that are housed in every Process.

  • Process and Steps - When a Process is Added, It picks up all the steps linked to it to kick off a workflow and documentation process that is captured within the application.

  • Parts Inventory and Inventory Connections - Parts inventory houses Parts List and is used as an input source for Searching and Selecting inventory during the process. Inventory Connections relates all processes linked to all Parts that have been selected.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge by far was to commit enough time to build the solution. Working full time from home during the pandemic means endless hours in and out of work.

With the time constraint, we put everything essential and game-changing into the 2 applications we built and had to forego some minor imaginative ideas that we had with the solutions for but were unable to implement in the time allowed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming from a Company that has an insane amount of processes, and with new ones being defined every day - The Parts Process Manager will help document every step of the process and the users and departments in the company involved in the process. The ability to dynamically adjust the given variables within the application makes it so that any department will be able to put their own tailored versions into production with very little adjustments and technical knowledge required.

What we learned

After Building the Parts Process Manager, we said to ourselves - "This process manager can literally be templated and used in any area of the operation". It can function as a dedicated Process Manager for the entire Realm or be replicated with minimum customizations and used at the department level to manage internal departmental processes.

What's next for Process Management Utopia

The Parts Process Manager can be templated and used by any company in the world with a process. It can be used to document what was done when it was done and who took the action to do it.

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