Its just another day for you in the office. The game will have users be taking the role of a system-administrator, coding in the process. The player will be given a set of goals to accomplish. Puzzles will be based around using bash command ituitively, such as :

  • cd -- Change directory.
  • ls -- list directory.
  • kill -- kills a process.
  • etc...

The game's root should be puzzle solving through using commands. The root idea of the game is to interact with the 3D world with typing, using the HMD to point at objects of interest.

The issues currently are:

  • UI -- The majority of the games input is in typing commands to the terminal (refer to video.)Since this is on GearVR, users most likely won't be able to type. The work around Ive thought of are:
    > Use leap motion: using gestures or faking a keyboard such as this awesome developer did!
    > Use simple Controller to map to commands (Similar to a menu selection system)
    > Use a printed sheet of paper (representing keys), Have the camera from GearVR detect

  • Simple - Making the game simple for regular users who cringe at the site of a terminal!

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