What it does

It is a split screen fighter game, where you need to battle other players to win. You can mix and make you spell via using two elements (wind, and fire).

How I built it

I built it with Unreal engine's blueprint system. Basically while you are holding the cast button each time that you hit an element key it adds it to an array. Then when you fire the spell it converts it to ratios then generates the spell effects, and color from that.

Challenges I ran into

I keep on having the problem where when I set a variable in another object, my computer would make that a lower priority and then do it after is works of the variable, so it wouldn't work and I had to add 0.01 sec delays to stop that.

What I learned

Computer can always prioritise well. Procedural content is hard. x / 0 is very bad. How to edit a particles color live.

Built With

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