As we sat at our first hachathon, we were feeling vastly overwhelmed and started procrastinating. We then decided that a professional procrastination tool is what the world needs and thus proCATstination was born.

How it works

Using an Arduino, we connected a pipe cleaner to read physical stimuli as an input. Through the Arduino's sketch, python and javascript, this input will trigger a random cat video to load through the browser. The HTML and javascript codes are hosted by a Microsoft Azure cloud server/virtual machine while the python runs locally.

tl;dr - Touch a small dongle and instantly get a random cat video.

Challenges I ran into

Learning 3 new languages on the fly to get all of our pieces to work together.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing in less than 36 hours

What I learned

Javascript, python, how to run an arduino, and ruby.

What's next for proCATstination

Two more years of college...

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