We started brainstorming this project with the intention of creating something that would help people throughout the country. As a group with diverse ethnic backgrounds, laws in the United States do not always work to our advantage. We were specifically inspired by the recent immigration ban and its aftermath. Hundreds of lawyers across the country sat on airport floors working hard to free innocent people. Without this generosity, they would have been stuck in airports for days and could have been deported. This project aims to help people in need and prevent incidents like this in the future.

What it does

ProBoKnow is a website that connects lawyers that are willing to work pro bono or at discounted rates with clients that need them. The website also allows donors to give money to lawyers to offset the cost of this work.

How we built it

We created the website using a Bootstrap template. The html and css were adjusted as necessary, we also incorporated the Capital One API that would allow users to donate money to the lawyers.

Challenges we ran into

Everyone on the team had a role that required them to work with new technologies. It was difficult to get started at first but we’ve all learned new things throughout the course of the hackathon.

What's next for ProBoKnow

Partnering with law firms across the country to built a network of lawyers and advertising to have donations for the lawyers.

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