We always undergo problems with splitting the bill for anything that we buy as roommates and so we decided to build this website to help effectively split the bill evenly.

What it does

It takes data that the user enters in and splits its among the number of people in a specific group. A group can also set a budget for a number of categories that they decide on. If the money spent exceeds that amount for each person, every other member in the group can pay that person back with their virtual account, created on the app. Another unique thing our website does is that it accumulates transactions over a set amount of a time that the user can decide on and makes the transactions at once so transactions can be edited within accounts if a person in the group can't make the full payment at the time.

How we built it

We built it using HTML, BootStrap, DreamWeaver, and Java. We used HTML with BootStrap as our front-end for the basic design of the website and we used Java to enhance our functionality.

Challenges we ran into

We could not find a way to connect our back-end to our front-end at the beginning, but we ended up using Java to show how the website works.

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