At McMaster it seems that 1/5 people have a recurring mold problem at McMaster. A close friend had to call the cops on their landlord. Another friend also. The list goes on. People deserve better. People WANT better. It's the perfect market to give people what they want. The solution? A user-data-driven social platform to detail historical records of your residency experience: TrueHousing.

What it does

Provides an environment for sharing the history and experience of your stay as a tenant. In Hamilton tenants are subjected to mold, landlords illegally turning off heat, and many other illegal breaches. This app aims to make mainstream the history of the house you plan to rent, including both environmental experience and physical nature of the house, to avoid people being baited by seemingly nice places to rent.

How we built it

Microservices. Our front-end is made with a lightweight react app. Our backend is sitting in AWS handling our API requests to Google Firebase database

Challenges we ran into

Reading documentation thoroughly while on a time crunch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning so much and creating something new. Regardless we will for sure change student's lives.

What we learned

How to work together as a team. Help each other and the knowledge in numbers speaks for itself.

What's next for TrueHousing

Getting this thing available for students to channel their complaints so that they can stand up to landlords. Hopefully it keeps them in check

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