The rapid diffusion of Covid-19 and the initially very slow reaction of the public authorities in approving the appropriate measures have delayed the start of the lockdown while the sanitary congestion has inevitably overstressed the management bodies of all the public services. The state of health emergency has brought about a significant breakthrough in the social living, the work methods and the social approaches in general. The cleaning concept in its widest applications such as floors, surfaces, toilets, and the wastewater treatment in housing applications as sewages, kitchen sewages or can thus produce a completely new approach. A serious crisis on the wane could now turn to the new dawn of an environmental breakthrough. The worldwide disruption of Covid-19 has caused several impacts on environment and climate; the decline in air, sea and ground travel has led to a significant drop in air pollution. Lockdown and quarantine have thus strengthened the awareness of the role of green economy, the importance to count on biologically based products instead of rough aggressive chemicals in all the production scale of international economy.

What it does

Probiotic blends can be added to several kind of cleaning formulation and applied in the cleaning of several indoor areas, starting from the cleaning of floors, hard-porous surfaces and all kind of sewages and septic tanks. Good microorganisms work on encrustations, organic stains, deposits in pipes, ducts and sewages. Microorganisms previously formulated in a green eco-sustainable cleanser, conveyed by the surfactant, will reach organic substances and waste, even in hidden places. Beneficial microorganisms penetrate deeply into surfaces and degrade deposits, stains and organic matter, always source of bad smells, potential contamination, insects and pathogens. Beneficial bacteria contained in cleaning solutions will positively colonize surfaces and create a microbiologically balanced environment. The biologic antagonism is the key element for beneficial bacteria to reduce the growth of other potentially pathogenic organisms. Probiotics cleaning can deliver excellent performance on the basis of the following key points: flexible, safe, easy to use, completely eco-sustainable and with a long-lasting positive impact on the environment. Their work continues also in sewages, municipal/civil wastewater treatment plants promoting the natural depuration process of waters.

How we built it

Probiotic concentrate solutions have been developed and formulated starting from our internationally patented biotechnology BATP®, certified by several worldwide recognized institutions and laboratories, dermatologically tested, not irritant (to eyes, skin, mucosae), non-toxic, non- harmful, and does not show any pro-sensitizer potential. It has been successfully applied first to tissue paper and even in professional cleaning formulations with excellent results. The product has shown its effectiveness in contrasting the pathogenic microbial biofilm growth. A new concept has been drafted following to the application of bacteria in the treatment of pollutants in wastewater plants and decontamination. The development and research of specific 100% natural and safe bacteria strains led to concentrate blends according to their skills of biodegrading target substances. A multifunctional concept of cleaning has been developed, without any kind of risks for users and environment. Humans will be healthy only in a healthy planet. In a literal sense, probiotic calls to act, as nature needs to be lived and preserved with biologic means and ways.

Challenges we ran into

Develop a complex concept of a new way of cleaning in synergy with the team and trying to introduce the project of a probiotic city in a completely brand-new way.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

The presentation of a green, zero impact concept based on safe, 100% natural microorganisms, efficient on the long-term, depolluting all environments starting from home. The most interesting challenge is starting from end users to create a sustainable change with a view to a global growth. Developing a new concept of cleaning, the “living cleaning”.

What we learned

Through this project we learnt the importance of considering also crucial situation and crisis, like the Covid-19, not only as a negative event, but also as an opportunity to commit ourselves in finding innovative chances to effectively make the difference both for us and for future generations, with a keen eye on environment protection.

What's next for Probiotics will heal our future

Next steps for the probiotic project is increasing its area of applications, covering also professional, industrial cleaning and continuing to develop and improve bacterial formulations always shifted into the future and considering bacteria as a huge resource for our lives.

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