Probe is a single-player strategy game on Android that simulates the space race of the 1960s, allowing you to pick a global power, or lack there of, and race the world to the moon! Making the most of random events and your country's resources will be key to winning this race.

We came into PennApps wanting to make a stylized game, and with my experience in Android, we used that as our platform to build the game off. We originally thought of using historical data, such as from the Library or possibly Bloomberg, but quickly decided against that, as we couldn't find too much useful historical data about the space race that we could pull and instead made our own rankings, still based somewhat in reality, of economy, education and security.

Our target users would most likely be 14-21 year old males, as it's a simple strategy oriented game that is typically most popular with this age range and gender.

One of the game's key features is the triple resource system, and balancing the three of them in order to achieve the best result leads to dynamic play-styles of the game. Also, each nation has a different spread (and amount) of starting resources that will lead to unique strategies and difficulties.

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