The task was to build something that would solve a problem, so we thought that people may have many problems and two heads are always better than one, thus this idea was born.

What it does

Allows users to chat with their anonymous peers who ended up with the same problem either through phone app or website.

How I built it

We built Android Client App using Java and Website Client using web technologies (HTML, JS, CSS). Then we used a server and maintained the communication between clients using yii2 framework together with Ratchet Web Socket library (all powered by PHP).

Challenges I ran into

Error detection.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are happy about our teamwork skills because each member contributed a lot and carried out their responsibilities to the fullest. We are also proud that we managed to make the main idea and basic functionality of this piece of software to work.

What I learned

We learned to use web sockets.

What's next for ProbChat

Implementing features which time did not allow us to do like flagging of offensive messages, filtering messages and possibly some auto-flagging, safety meter based on users score accumulated from upvotes and downvotes of other users he had conversation with. (will apply to ip address since this app is anonymous).

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