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Our inspiration for this project is that current reactive heating and air conditioning in homes lead to both wasted energy and fluctuations of home temperature. We thought this wasteful process could be eliminated by automatically adjusting temperatures indoors based on the outside temperature. Also, Elon Musk.

There is both a sensor inside and outside of your home. It will always heat/cool the inside of the house to reach the desired temperature. Once this occurs it will account for the outside temperature to proactively predict the fluctuations that will occur within your home. This will occur by temperature comparisons using linear regression between the inside of the house and the outside temperature within Excel to predict future temperatures.

It was built using the Helium Atom Development Board and an external thermometer connected through the Helium Analog Extension Board.

Our problems were everything... jk. The setup time to be able to collect data from the sensor was very difficult for us. Getting the proper software from all of the repositories and making the correct commands to install all of the required packages to get Helium... Don't get me started lol.

I'm proud that we were able to collect data from the sensor and begin to apply it.

We learned how to use Helium and and touched a bit on API calls. We also learned about the basic configurations of the Helium hardware modules we were provided.

What's next for ProactoThermo 3002 you ask? The future of comfortable cheap living of course!

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