Team Session to build for the future and Defi

The team was made of 5 students from Queens Park Primary School in London. They were Ishamam,�Jasy-Jay,�Omar,�Ahsan, and�Hannah with the Mentor Genevieve based in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic. We got to meet for 3 days and learned lot about one another and to create what we hope is a great solution using Blockchain, AI and Mobile.

The technology was at times frustrating as we could either get online to connect or could not get access to recording, but we learned so much. The first was empathy and finally about the wonderful world of Finance.

We had a hard time recoding our pitch as we lost so much time, but had the support of Funmi based in Nigeria to support us in creating what we hope you will enjoy!

The team decided to build a solution using DeFi and this was to create not only a mechanism for someone to be able to work, but to also get rid of loneliness and get a better life.

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