Survival of the fittest. The whole objective of the project revoloves around the core idea of the above statement. We aim to find the best product Market fit of a product using Text Summarization and Predictive Analytics using a Social Media platform Twitter and analyse the success or growth factor of the product in the coming years.

What it does

Helps in determining the Product-Market fit for the product and determine the success factor of the product prior to it's development.

How I built it

We use Text Analytics and Predictive Analytics to make sense of the data collected from the people over twitter and run a predictive Analytics to determine the sucess factor of the product in the coming years if introduced in the market.

Challenges I ran into

Collecting the DataSet, Pulling large DataSets from Twitter, Optimizing the Algorithms for Predictive Analytics. Synthesising the generated comments after analyzing the public opinions

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to analyze the data in real time and respond Build a twitter bot which helps in synthesizing the comments in real time and respond intutively such that you could test other variants about products and understand their sucess factor.

What I learned

Text Analytics Predictive Analytics Got an opportunity to speak to industry professionals about the real world challenges being faced by their teams Team collaboration

What's next for Pro-Fit

We use it as a service but going ahead we want to help others also reap the results and use it as a full fledge product.

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