For this Hackathon we wanted to create something instructive, yet fun. As burgeoning programmers, how best to learn how to code is always on our mind, so we wondered about an effective way to teach the very basics of programming logic.

Pro-Bot is also inspired by popular games/toys like LEGO Mindstorms, Minecraft, and Besiege.

What it does

Pro-Bot allows users to build and program simple drones or robots, then try to fly them through obstacle courses. The emphasis is on teaching how to solve problems using programming concepts like loops and conditionals. In Pro-Bot the problems are only how to navigate an obstacle course. But the type of thinking required will be the same used during coding. Design, test, iterate!

Both the drone assembly and the programming are all made using blocks like Minecraft, giving users an easy concrete was to visualize programming. It is programming disguised as something all kids know and love.

How I built it

Pro-Bot was built in Unity, with scripting in C#

What's next for Pro-Bot

Implementation of a complex physics system, more robust coding options, and a wider variety of building blocks.

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