At a young age, one of our team member's would be asked to go get bread in the morning at his local market in India. Each week, the price would fluctuate, and he would not know how much money to bring or if there was the possibility that he could get bread at a different store for a cheaper price. 
       People today face the same problem, whether they are staying in a 3rd world or a 1st world country. With our mobile application, Prixes (French for prices), people can make better choices that suit their's and other's economic needs. This solution is highly scalable and is now available on iOS. Android will be coming up in the coming week. 
      Users can report prices they pay for goods and services. Based on what these users paid in a short time frame, future customers can get better price estimates on where and when to shop.
      By doing so, we also want to bring fairness to the economic system by encouraging competition between competitors to make lives better for the average consumer.
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