Inspiration to this work was seeing how little people care about the digital footprint they leave behind for facebook and google, and combining that with the complexity of storing a private key: people will -- either out of negligence, ignorance or laziness -- not use multiple keys for different things. PrivETHy was built to show an unsuspecting user how much data they leave behind in public.

What it does

PrivETHy queries various datasets/APIs that already accumulated different pieces of information:

  • etherscan for transactions and smart contract code
  • thegraph for various datasets on tokens, DAOs, games, exchanges
  • the Ethereum BigQuery dataset for ERC20 ownership
  • the eth-contract-metadata node package for token symbols and icons

How I built it

PrivETHy was built on top of a boilerplate project for Svelte. The largest amount of work went into implementing the many graphql queries for thegraph and drawing a graph to show address relationships.

Challenges I ran into

There was no functioning graph library for Svelte, so I couldn't make use of the layout algorithms d3.js brings. Many hours were spent placing nodes on a circle and having them display the information.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This prototype already displays a lot of sensitive information for the right addresses. I am a bit hesitant to show my own address. Also, adding more data would not be much effort, although I heavily rely on projects having published their subgraph or other providers indexing the relevant data.

What I learned

Svelte is still fairly young, and therefore not ideal for building under time constraints. Building basic things such as a graph layout from scratch is not what hackathons are for.

What's next for PrivETHy

More data!

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