Future gambling on a decentralized network.

What it does

Blind Auction on a decentralized network (Ethereum) with a chain privacy protocol (Aztec) and frictionless logins for DApps (Torus).

How we built it

Mainly using Aztec Protocol and Torus for login capability. We also used Truffle and Ganache.

Challenges we ran into

Iinitially setting up our dev environment to code using the Aztec Protocol. Also remembering to import certain scripts we needed for our application to work with Torus and running into a few syntaxes errors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are all fairly new to the blockchain development scene and learned a lot more about how to build a DApp after spending a weekend at ETHBoston. We got stuck, met new people experienced in the field, and kept codding forward.

What we learned

We all learned more about blockchain, coding smart contracts, using the Aztec Protocol, logins for DApps (Torus) through building this Private_Auction DApp.

What's next for Private_Auction

Building and expanding the user base of Private_Auction. Look into combining a bidding system with additional API calling such as FOAM map.

Built With

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