Privacy Union is a means for all in the digital community to take privacy back into the hands of the people. Power has been consolidated in the grasp of a few large technology corporations and user data as well as private information all continue to be exploited in the pursuit of targeting ads, selling data, and increasing profits.

Given this reality, there is significant room for the digital community to change the way corporations handle their privacy. With this, we intend to facilitate the connection of those who side with us in this end by providing them an encrypted and secure platform such as Keybase as well as bots and tools that use Machine Leaning technology (such as chatbots that can transcribe what is written on pictures, chatbots that can go through a ToS and can help users breakdown the complicated bulk of the text, prediction technology which we implemented in the context of cryptocurrencies, and so on and so forth). With an emphasis on systemic change as well as safer and smarter technology we shall move towards a future where privacy is the rule and not the exception.

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