Many sites around the internet are notorious for their data collection and sharing policies. This inspired me to create this project which aims to classify a site's privacy policy so people can make an informed decision before/while using the site.

What it does

This browser extension checks the privacy policy of the website to enlighten users about the privacy policy of the site they are using. It creates a discourse which aims to put decisions about data on the users' hand.

How I built it

I used HTML, CSS, Javascript to create the basic frontend i.e the browser extension. This extension made API calls to the AWS services which tried getting the context of the text in the webpage. The AWS comprehend module extracts the entities and key phrases from the text and then eventually tries classifying the text into good, average or bad based on previous training.

Previous training is done using the AWS S3 service where the training files are located in the format required by the AWS Comprehend service.

Architecture: app architecture

Challenges I ran into

Building a simple enough browser extension which could send an API call to the AWS service.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integrating AWS services with a browser extension and leveraging powerful machine learning models.

What I learned

REST API, AWS Sage maker, AWS platform, Working with production-grade machine learning models.

What's next for Privacy policy police

Production grade deployment, refining of the extension code.

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