Inspiration mostly comes for Julien of Unlock Protocol. Unlock provides a framework for NFT based subscriptions to services (blog, ...). Also I believe that POAP ownership could be used to get access to restricted websites.

The issue is that today, proving you have an NFT is done by signing a message with your wallet and that leaks your address. The service you are using instantly gets access to all your financial history.

Ring signatures are a solution, but they are hard to use, mostly because of the lack of tolling

What it does

PrivAccess is a set of packages that include both re-usable libraries to manipulate Ring signature (designed for Ethers.js compatibility) and examples of components that present a simple use case that can be iterated upon.


  • Typescript library
  • Signing cli (example)
  • Data server (example)
  • Frontend (example).

How we built it

  • Typescript for the library, with dependency on "ethers" and "elliptics". Note elliptics is already the crypto library used by ethers.
  • Typescript + yargs/express/ethers for the server and the cli
  • Example contract in solidity (on goerli)
  • React + Bootstrap for the frontend

Challenges we ran into

  • typescript type detection (overloading in typescript is hard)
  • Convertion between BN and ethers.BigNumber is a mess.
  • Low level cryptography in general is hard
  • Wanted to use POAP, but missing the required API. Using a test NFT contract feels better for initial testing anyway
  • To compute ring signature I need pubkey of other accounts in the ring. Building a reverse registry of address → pubkey is an issue (but there are ways to fix that).
  • Signing of ring signatures is done using the private key, so this is not (yet) working with other wallets. A metamask SNAP is probably the next thing to build

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Having a working library providing long-awaited cryptographic primitives to the ecosystem in the first night of the hackathon.

What we learned

  • Ring signature math
  • Now to manage multiple npm packages in a big monorepo

What's next for PrivAccess

  • Integration with Unlock/Poap
  • A metamask snap to reach a wide userspace
  • SDK for easily building OAuth like servers that verify ring validity and produce a JWT/
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