Nuzhat Minhaz - nxm1137 Computing and Information Technologies Rochester Institute of Technology PROJECT PRIVAC: DEMO WEBSITE

• Building a website to guide victims to verified services (relevant data/information library, emergency psychological/legal resources, peer support through chatbot) The website for this project uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript and consists of:

1) Description of the project and its purpose/goals 2) Details of already-available helplines for emergencies (for example: Police, Rapid Action Battalion, Suicide Prevention)
3) Articles, write-ups, information regarding topics including but not limited to: ● Definitions of all relevant terms to help victims search through and identify their own situations (for example: cyberstalking); ● Existing/implemented/current laws of the country that are concerned with aforementioned cyber crimes; ● Detailed anonymous/identified/signed reports and interviews of victims, former perpetrators, law enforcement members who deal with cyber crimes, and any individual who can contribute to the matter; ● Ways to prevent cyber harassment: personal practices, ways to identify the approaching of such a situation to prevent it before occurring to actively take action against it (for example, reporting suspicious behavior/activity to authorities).
● Parental notice and educational guidance as to how children and teenagers must be notified of the dangers of the Internet and taught how to face situations, instead of entirely taking away their access to technology in hopes of protecting them from victimization. ● Possible societal measures that can be taken to eradicate victim-blaming and the practice of public-shaming of victims instead of the perpetrators, and enforcing the idea to families to support their child/relative in seeking help. 4) Statistics​ (through collaboration with existing research teams/individuals who work in this field), pertaining to mentioned forms of cyber harassment, to strengthen research into the matter and make way for action to be taken in response to the statistics. Including: existing government/law enforcement databases and records related to the form of crime in question. 5) Surveys/questionnaire​s to collect data on incidents, frequency, and types of cyber-harassment/violations of privacy over the internet 6) Database of contact information​ of nearby doctors, therapists, psychological counselors, psychiatrists, and all forms of medical assistance that a victim may require in a state of emergency or mental condition caused by the damaging emotional effects of being a victim of such cyber criminal activities. 7) The website will have a ​chatbot​, which will quicken the process of looking for specific information through pages of articles. If the automated chatbot is inadequate in assisting the person, then there will be an option to talk to a member of ​Team PrivaC​.


Personal experience, suffering of people of the country where I'm from (Bangladesh), the endless resources available here in the US to solve these problems.

Challenges Along the Way

I'm fairly new to coding, and it took me a while to learn all the ways in which I can implement the ideas I have in my head in the form of code and output.

Accomplishments That I'm Proud Of:

  • Winning JP Morgan's Best Hack for Social Good Award for this demo website
  • Mentioned by Bangladesh's leading National newspaper for this project
  • Collaboration with many organizations and individuals who want to help
  • Recognition from the Women in Computing Club at RIT, and my professors

What I Learned

I'm still learning, and I will continue to learn for as long as I can.

What's Next for PrivaC

● Collecting sufficient data through research for the contents of the planned website for the project
● Further study into cybersecurity/network/privacy systems/cyber laws and policies, etc
● User interface designing to make it easy for people to search for information
● Access to design tools and development software
● Building the chatbot as a search tool through information, and connecting to team PrivaC ● Publishing the website itself, purchasing the domain
● Business modeling for the financial management of liable connections with the medical and education institutions of the country(ies) in question, and collaboration with existing organizations (private/NGOs/tech)
● Recruiting procedure for Team PrivaC

Built With

  • html-css-javascript
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