The initial inspiration was a paper game that we used to play in pair.The game is played by one person trying to guess a four digit number and the other gives feedback on how close the one guessing is to the number he/she is holding on to.

What it does

Prison break is game about an imprisoned man who is trying to escape from jail and get into a spaceship 

which is waiting for him outside compound of the prison. In order to be able to open the gate the player should insert the correct 4 digit pass code by guessing within 5 minutes .So as we enter our first guess we will get a hint as a side note:

The hint will be provided as how close our guess is from the pass code.

1.If the player guess contains a digit which is also in the pass code and it appears to be
in same exact position  , an A will be given 
2.If the player guess contains a digit which is also in the pass code but the position , a B will be given
3.If the player guess doesn't guess a number that is in the pass code , No result will be given.
4.The player should find the correct pass code before the count down finishes.
5.If the count down finishes , the game will restart.

# 1 and 2 will be done for every four digit and Grade will be provided

The format of the grade will be as a count of number of A's and B's

Example: If the pass code is (3819) Guess Grade 1.1234 0A2B 2.1235 0A2B 3.3789 2A1B 4.2456 0A4B 5.3819 4A0B (The gate will be opened)

Thus the player is expected to get the pass code before the countdown is finished while using the grade as hint so that the gate will be opened for him .

Rule of the game

  • Once the player starts to guess he won't be able to get out of it unless life time of 5 minutes is finished
  • The player wont be able to insert same number twice in a single guess like number one from (3181)
  • The player cannot guess same combination of numbers twice like (3789) (3789)

How we built it

For PRISON BREAK project we used Blender to build 3D models and Unity for game development.The team consisted of 3 modelers that use blender, one game developer that worked with unity and story writers with played part in the building of the game.

Challenges we ran into

below are some challenges we ran into 1- The first challenge was coming up with a good idea that would win this Hackathon 2- The 3D models built in blender had problems when we put them in unity. for example we had problem with texture of the 3D models
3- The time given was very short 4- Not every one in our team had knowledge of c# programming language. This influenced the team work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we had good team work and we implemented what our mentors have told us like having a specific job and sticking with it.

What we learned

we have learned team work, idea sharing ,experience with new softwares ,programming language and tools

What's next for Prison Break

Building more levels , detail and adding components that will appeal to the player

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